30 January 2010

Goodie Bag

The perfect addition to any event is the goodie bag and a fashion show at the AIFW is such an event to get one, well if you have frontrow tickets that is. If you are unlucky you get a bad looking bag wit a few flyers. But last night I was lucky! SuperTrash knows how to pamper their audience and gave out a pretty good filled up (and heavy!) goodie bag. Catwalk and runway fashion photographer Peter Stigter pays special attention to the goodie bags at AIFW this year by taking pictures of the content because 'not everything that's inside is really a goodie'! And the end of the Fashion Week they will anounce the winner of their Goodie Bag Contest. Nice project! And so it happens that the content of my SuperTrash goodie bag has been photographed as well, check it out. And guess what, the best goodie definately is the voucher for a pair of Porsche Design Sunglasses! Photo by Peter Stigter.

29 January 2010

Leather Pants

Dree looks amazing in her leather pants!
Yesterday I bought myself a pair of leather pants. I know, it is last-minute and yes, I know they were hanging in the shops for months already. But hey, I can't always be a trendsetter. Anyway, these ones I bought are really great and hopefully I will look good in it tonight visiting the LA based SuperTrash show at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Leading lady and managing director of SuperTrash is the Dutch/Kurdish Olcay Gulsen and as we can read on their website 'SuperTrash may be born in LA but it definately has been raised in Amsterdam'. I'm really looking forward to tonight and I will try to keep you updated via Twitter.

Grey Streetstyle

The color grey is known as an achromatic or neutral color. Achromatic means that the color grey has no hue (shades). For me grey is still one of my favorite colors! In these streetstyle photos the grey colors perfectly match with the Paris pavement, beautiful! Photos from Café Mode.

28 January 2010


This photo really shows how editor in chief of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld has to make her way through the crowd in Paris. And still Carine always smiles at the photographers and she's always willing to 'pose'. That adorns her!

27 January 2010

Few more twitpics...

And for the real fashion lovers a few more twitpics from Jan Taminiau's 'Duality' collection. Check out those shoes!!! Photos from I love fashion news.

Right now @Jan Taminiau, AIFW

And again, bloggers (not frontrow)

Twitpic from Hilmar Mulder, chief-editor Grazia
At this moment Dutch designer Jan Taminiau is showing his newest collection "Duality' at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Fashion Week has started! The international press had a preview from Taminiau's collection in Paris last week and rumours are that Vogue Italia was very interested in doing an editorial with his designs. Wonderful news! Right now the Dutch fashionscene is twittering all the details and the first pics are coming through.....Nice tweet by James Veenhof (former director AIFW): 'second row is the new first row' and what about this one (in Dutch): 'oh, lastig, staande ovatie met laptop op schoot' How weird is this? As I'm typing my last words of this post the show has almost ended and I can give you pics already....amazing, don't you think?

LV Bag

My friend has put her LV Speedy bag on designer-vintage.com because sadly she wants to sell this lovely monogram bag. We bought this bag together about 2 years ago on our city trip to Milan and so this is a bag with lots of good memories. But still, she wants to sell it anyway. I hope she is doing the right thing and that the new owner of this bag is as nice as my friend. Well, enough emotional talking for now. I tell you the real reason why she is selling this Speedy, no, you don't have to feel sorry for her....namely she wants to buy a bigger one on our trip to Paris!

On the photo the Louis Vuiton Men's Speedy, beautiful! Photo from The Fashionist.

Cycle in style

Paris based stylist Catherine Baba always succeeds in getting everybody's attention. She has the most amazing personal style, a sort of 20s and 30s elegant look with a certain Hollywood glamour. In an interview with her I read that she doesn't take herself too seriously and frequently dropps her catchphrase 'J'adore, darling' into her conversations. Anyway, she bikes all around Paris, in killer heels, turbans, over-sized jewellery and big sunglasses. And that is faboulous I think! I'm a bike-girl myself but believe me when I say that I don't cycle around in such stylish outfits. Then again, why shouldn't I? I will just have to ignore the cold weather, those rainy days and slippery bike paths and jump on my bike in a stylish responsible way.....I guess ;-)

26 January 2010

New Darling

This is Tavi Gevinson and she is the new darling in fashionland. This 13-year-old blogger skips school to attend Fashion Week Shows sitting front row at Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and Dior! She got famous writing her own fashion blog Style Rookie and is seen as style's newest voice. This month Tavi even scored a column in the Harper's Bazaar sharing her thougths on the spring collections, so from now on she is also the youngest writer ever working for a magazine!

Okay, so far the introducion of Tavi. This photo was taken yesterday @the Dior show in Paris, what happened? Tavi was wearing a rather pretentious hat so a reporter of Grazia tweeted: 'At Dior. Not best pleased to be watching couture through 13 year old Tavi's hat'!
I'm curious, for how long Tavi will be still 'the darling' if the annoyances are starting already!

Sit down!

As Acne is my favourite jeans label at the moment I like to share the news that they are going to add furniture to their extensive collections. Jonny Johansson threw a party in Paris last week to show a few prototypes of handmade sofas. The sofas almost have cartoonish angles and are covered with bleached, hand-dyed pale Acne-denim. Wow, those would look good in my living-room!!


Twitpic of Carine Roitfeld frontrow yesterday...
Twitter? Yes, Twitter! As so many fashion people out there I am twittering for a few months now and I must say: I love it! Of course it is important to follow the right (fashion) people but if you do you will get hold of amazing news, photos and scoops straight from the street, runway or even from twitpics. I've got 94 followers at the moment, not an impressive number but hey, it takes time to attract readers/visitors from my blog to Twitter and vice versa. But you could do me a favour just this once by checking out my Twitterpage and start following me.....Thanks!

25 January 2010


As I told you already, turquoise is announced as THE color of the year 2010. Well, this 'Voguette' got the message very well..... Photo from The Fashionist.

Dree & Freja & Lara

Max Mara Spring 2010

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010
Vogue Paris gives us their first look at the spring collections in their own unique way. Their February issue features a massive spread shot by Dutch photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin with art-direction from Carine Roitfeld, Emmanuelle Alt and Camilla Nickerson. I prefer the ones with Dree, Freja and Lara! Wonderful combination!


Mykita 'SJP'
Mykita 'Flash'
As I am going to visit the Club Brillant/LaDress fashionshow at the AIFW this sunday, I will hopefully find out which sunglasses we ought to wear this summer. Personally I think that we should keep an eye on SJP wearing her Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm sunglasses in SATC 2. They are already named as 'the hottest pair of sunglasses for 2010'. Mykita will also launch a new series, entitled 'Flash' at Paris Fashion Week in March. I'm looking forward to a bit of sunshine!

23 January 2010


Italian beauty Giovanna Battaglia is often photographed and always looking spot on. As L'Uomo Vogue editor and former Dolce & Gabbana house and runway model she is the darling of all the streetstyle photographers. Giovanna seamlessly combines elegant classic looks with her own original personal style. She even repeats certain items!

Daria for Isabel Marant

Canadian model Daria Werbowy had the honour to do the latest campaign for my favorite French designer Isabel Marant. Daria fits perfectly with the laid-back style of the label photographed by Dutch photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

22 January 2010

Catwalk Fighting!

Dsquared2 Fall 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010

Yesterday Jean Paul Gaultier showed his Fall 2010 menswear collection in Paris and he took his inspiration from today's boxing ring gladiators. The collection reflects the all fight mentality with mixes of rugged pieces like sweat pants, shorts, tank tops and boxing shoes.

Likewise the Dsquared2 Fall 2010 menswear collection. They showed in Milan last week and they must have had Rocky Balboa in mind since all the pretty boys faces where bloody and looked they just came out of a streetfight.

I think it is best to look beyond the bloody faces a bit and just enjoy these menswear photos!

Paris Photo: Vélib

Vélib is a vélo en libre service at Paris and c'est bon pour l'environment. How does it work?
It's a self service 'bike hire' system available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. You can pick up your bike from one service point and drop off to another. What a wonderful idea! Shall we cycle our way through Paris in a few weeks time D?


Just so you know, chess is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people. Both my sons are playing it, so how come that I don't know anything about it....... Have a nice day!

21 January 2010

Blogging is the new black!

There is a complete change going on with the front row seats at fashion shows. The front row at the D&G SS 2010 show last September was the first with a few new faces. Fashion bloggers Bryan Boy, Tommy Ton, Garance Dore and Scott Schuman sat between the famous Anna Wintour. Bryan Boy for example has 215.000 unique visitors a day where as by comparison British Vogue magazine sells just over 200.000 copies a month. Bryan's new best friend Marc Jacobs even named a bag after him!

This week Hans Ubbink showed his Fall 2010 collection in Paradiso (Amsterdam) and he is the first Dutch designer who had a handful of Dutch fashion bloggers sat down on the front row seats. They were 'Twittering' and sending Twitpics during the show and within less than two hours lots of photos appeared on various fashion sites. Straight from the runway to the laptop, amazing! As a Dutch fashion editor said in one of her forewords 'blogging is the new black'. I totally agree!

20 January 2010

Garance in denim

Okay, and to finish off this day in style just one more photo of a denim shirt. Looks good on you Garance!

19 January 2010

Denim Shirt

photo from the Sartorialist

Still in love with that denim shirt? Keep it that way! Wear it as a jacket or overshirt or just super slim and sexy, so it can be casual and formal at the same time.

You have just read post 500! Again, thank you all for visiting my blog and reading my posts. I hope you will keep checking out my point of view on Jeans, Fashion & Streetstyle! Love xoxo

18 January 2010

Cardi Coat

Mary Kate Olsen is wearing a beautiful cardigan coat on this photo. Looks really good on her!

Paris Photo

Model Dree Hemingway looking for her mobile phone I guess... Love her pants and boots!


Fashion photographer & blogger Garance Doré had no plans going to Milan to cover the Pitti Uomo but she was very happy that 'her man' Scott Schuman had persuaded her. On her blog she is talking about 'an atmosphere that can't be found anywhere else'. 'They either try to charm you or they get really timid.....' I really love these photos! So check out these wonderful men! Maybe I should plan a trip to Pitti this year as well.... Photos from Garance Dore.

17 January 2010

Burberry & Colette

Parisian super-store Colette has teamed up with Burberry to create an amazing twist on the Burberry trench coat. The new details on this gorgeous trench are just outstanding. Check out the metal studded collar and the ruched shoulders with tailored silhouette. Wonderful teamwork!


German model Julia Stegner is the new face of Trussardi's Spring advertisements. Very nice patchwork jeans!! Photo from Fashion gone rogue.


Last week the Pitti Immagine Uomo in Italy was also the beginning of eight nonstop weeks of fashions shows for Fall 2010. Dolce & Gabbana started of in Milan with their Fall 2010 menswear collection and they made a return to their 'radici'. Radici is the Italian word for roots so we saw lots of versions of classic Sicilian style, beautiful 'farmworkers' as well as guys in black velvet suits! Amazing show! Amazing models as well......Photo from Jak & Jil.
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