28 February 2010

Phenomenal D&G!

The D&G Fall 2010 fashion show at MFW started of with a short black&white movie in which all the D&G atelier's employees were introduced and everybody could see Domenico & Stefano working. The three themes of their newest collection were 'Sicilianita', 'Sartorialita' and 'Sensualita' and all the models looked very feminine in a very Italian way. There were double breasted jackets but also silk dresses with beautiful floral prints wich combined wonderful with all the black in the collection. The finale of the show made everybody shiver as 75 models came out dressed in fitted black jackets combined with shorts and small dresses. With this collection D&G went back to their Sicilian roots again but they did it in a phenomenal way! Photos from Team Peter Stigter.

27 February 2010

Cold NY

Even the most famous streetstyle photographers find it hard to take streetstyle photos during winter time. High heels, beautiful dresses and slim waistlines are far fetched in cold and patchy weather of course. But then again, there are always the real stylish and fashionable people...with the right winter coat, the most beautiful it-bags and amazing winter accessories. Check out these 'cold' NY streetstyle photos! PS I had exactly the same denim salopette a long long time ago....right or wrong?

VIP Anna!

It seems as if Italian fashion designers will do what ever it takes to get Miss Anna Wintour to attend their shows. What happened? In the past, Milan Fashion Week, which started on Wednesday and with big names starting on Thursday, has run a week or more, because that was exactly how long Miss Wintour has stayed in Milan in previous years. But then, somewhere this January, the word spread that she would be in Milan for only three days. So under pressure of big labels like Gucci and Giorgo Armani, the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (federation of Italian Fashion Houses) agreed to squeeze the shows of the major houses into three days starting on Friday. So instead of Milan Fashion Week they could call it Milan Fashion Long Weekend now... Well, I think you can't set a calendar according to the schedule of just one person. But Milan Fashion did it, for Anna!

I came across this photo on Twitter today. A few (fashion) people were actually protesting outside the Gucci show because of this absurd schedule. I must say, I like their inventiveness!

25 February 2010

Streetstyle @Milan

Ooooh, I love the way Emmanuelle Alt is wearing the newest Isabel Marant boots! This photo by Dutch Catwalk & Fashion photographer Peter Stigter was taken in Milan this afternoon. And no affence, but it looks as if she wearing my light blue Cycle jeans. What a copy cat she is! ;-)

Prada @Twitter

Prada Show. Tweets from Twitter right now: @peterstigter 50's/60's chic with Prada vibe! Woollen skirts, knee high socks in fragile sandals, dark colors, strong and sensitive. @the moment Sexy secretaries, push up ruffle bra dresses. The Prada Fall 2010 catwalk show in Milan just ended and because I couldn't see the show with live stream (don't know why) I had to move to Twitter..... Anyway, there were 4 Dutch models on this catwalk, Doutzen, Lara, Lisanne and Patricia. You go girls! And of course the photo is from twitpic.

One week to go....

Yes, my dear readers, just one week to go and then I'm of to Paris with friend D. The last couple of days I'm only into searching for adresses, making lists of all the shops we want to go to and planning everyday's routes. I like 'playing' a city guide. And friend D likes me because I like it ;-). Of course I will be taking my camera with me so hopefully I will be able to post lots of beautiful photos in about two weeks time. It's not a coincidence that we planned our trip to Paris next week, because in that week it's Paris Fashion Week!!! So in one of my routes I've also planned a short visit to Couvent les Cordeliers and well, to tell the truth, not to visit this old beautiful convent. I'm sorry, we are not that cultural. No, the reason for visiting is that the Isabel Marant Fall 2010 show will be held in this historical building, so this is a great chance for me to take some photos of some major fashion people....outside that is, no tickets for us this time! To be continued!

Kate & Carine @the Café

Last week at London Fashion Week everybody met at the temporary TopShop Café. This British fashion brand sponsored lots of shows, stimulates wonderful young designers and injected a lof of money and energy into this year's LFW. And so TopShop offered a special Café for all the hungry and thirsty fashion crowd. And then it occurs that Carine Roitfeld orders a coffee at the bar, since chief editors get thirsty between shows as well. Kate Lanphear, style director US Elle also popped inside for a little something. Photos from Garance Doré.

24 February 2010


Remember I told you about the double-skinny belt three weeks ago? I bought one yesterday! It's from the Italian label Post&Co and handmade from special treated leather. So the reason that made me decide to buy this belt anyway (like I don't have enough belts in my closet...) was this photo from the Margaret Howell show at LFW posted by Garance Doré. I really liked this classic but in a way very innovative style of wearing a belt! What do you think?

Burberry Cadets

Burberry rocks! Yesterday their Fall 2010 catwalk show was globally live-streamed and viewed in 3-D for special invited guests in New York, Tokyo, L.A. and Dubai. And what's new, and clever in this case, that all the outerwear and accessories we saw on the runway are available to pre-order, as we speak, on the Burberry website-for three days only (so until 26th February 2010). Amazing idea and a brilliant piece of fashion-business management! Well, with very high expectations I sat ready to watch the show at 5pm and I really must say, Christopher Bailey nailed it! He got his inspiration from uniforms and cadet girls, but it all started when he looked at an aviator jacket in Burberry's archive. But Bailey made the jackets strong and sexy, masculine and feminine at the same time. They all looked beautiful and utterly desirable! See for yourself! And oh yes, just so you know, the leather sling bag on the first photo is called the Armour Stud Sling Bag and is yours for around €1350!

22 February 2010


I always love backstage photos! With models making jokes or pulling funny faces, hairdressers being very busy with all the complicated hairstyles but especially to kind of feel the ambiance.... Check these NYFW backstage photos.

Vivienne @LFW

Yesterday it was Day 3 at London Fashion Week: shows from Jasper Conran, Matthew Williamson, Aquasqutum and Vivienne Westwood Red Label. Vivienne Westwood is a designer who can create things for both 16 and 60-year-old people and this keeps her popularity so high year after year. Fall 2010 collection was all about 'love and respect to Mother Earth' and still it looked very modern with all the vibrant-colored leggings, draped dresses and hugh shoulders. I like her wearing one of her own T-Shirts with an 'ecological' text. Very nice! Check out these backstage photos from the show. If you want to see more of the collection, click here.


And there she is again, the always stylish and great looking Garance Doré. I like the way (fashion) people wearing their jackets or coats with belts lately...preferably non-matching belts. Of course Garance picked up this accessory trend as well!


I'm not a big fan of the jumpsuit, because these all-in-ones are not the easiest piece to wear. But I must say that I saw a few nice ones for this Spring. Lanvin showed a voluminous jumpsuit while Karl Lagerfeld's ones in fresh and white cotton looked like cropped rompers. The one I really liked was this denim jumpsuit from Céline. Wonderful design as it looks as if you're wearing a denim shirt and jeans as two seperate pieces. Well done Phoebe Philo!

20 February 2010

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has started yesterday and I didn't really paid attention to it, don't know why. Of course I searched on the internet for news or beautiful streetstyle photos but for some reason I couldn't find the right one to start it of on my blog.... London is still very special to me, I've lived there for a while and I worked for a fashion chain as an assistent buyer. But if I go through the 150 designer names on the official LFW site I only see about ten names that seem to interest to me. Of course it is important to stay on track with new designers but then again if you think of London then you think of Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and of course the late Alexander McQueen. The planned Fall 2010 show by McQueen in Paris is still on by the way. Four years ago I had the chance to visit the LFW myself together with friend D. That was an amazing experience especially because we saw the show of the pop icon from our youth, Boy George for his B-Rude label. Well, to make a long story short, no better way to start of LFW than with a streetstyle photo of Kate Moss! Photo from Streetstyleaesthetic.

Speedy 30

Remember my friend D who tried to sell her LV Monogram speedy last month? Well, it's sold! And remember the reason why she wanted to sell this lovely little speedy? Okay, I'll help you out.....to buy a bigger one! And today was her lucky day, so now she officially is the owner of a Monogram speedy 30. Congrats! I have posted this photo once before, a couple of months ago, and it's the Damier speedy but still it's the right streetstyle photo for this special occasion. Photo from Vanessa Jackman.

Models @NYFW

They look good on the catwalk and they look good on the street! It is dreadful in a way......

Style Bloggers in Vogue

The American Vogue March 2010 issue did a great editorial on ten 'power' bloggers. Vogue has come a long way then, because two years ago Anna Wintour hated the word blog. A source close to Wintour said, "Anna just doesn't want people to refer to stories as blogs, because they're not. It's an improper use of the word." Apparently Anne came to her senses because she must have been realising now that style bloggers are changing the way the world understands fashion. Watch the trailer by clicking on the photo!

19 February 2010

Aside with Wang

I think that Alexander Wang is not only a wonderful fashion designer, but he is also a great reinventor of old trends. And he can take these trends to a new and very fashionable level. I'm aiming at the hairstyles of his catwalk models. Last winter, with his SS 2010 collection we saw all the models wearing their hair in long braids. Lovely and loosely braids. A very simple but stylish way to update this hairstyle again. This week at his Fall 2010 runway show in New York, again he surprised everyone. Whereas in most of the shows the models had their hair up (and then I mean really up with a sort of prolonged tuft), Wang's models came out with an aside hairstyle and then I mean really aside. I like Wang's contrary but also innovative thoughts about style!!

18 February 2010

Warm legs &Michael Kors

Remember the song 'Let's get physical' from Olivia Newton John back in the 80s? In the video clip Olivia was dressed in a tight leotard with.....legwarmers. I know, it's a weird link to the Micheal Kors Fall 2010 collection but one look at these photos and you know what I mean. His collection was full of chunky cashmere sweaters, classic flannel trousers, suede wrap shirts, coats trimmed with fur (very luxe and sexy) and....legwarmers. I'm not sure about this accessory the coming winter but if it's going to be as cold as this winter then maybe it's not such a bad idea. Let me hear you body talk, body talk!


As I mentioned already, the Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 collection (showed in New York this week) was amazing. His collection showed lots of serenity and he wasn't trying to be new. You can almost say that Jacobs played it 'safe' this time. After the show he said "It's refreshing to see something that isn't trying so hard to be new. There's so much striving for newness now that newness feels less new." Wonderful sentence by the way....! Okay, now we know all this, let's have look at one of the accessories on his runway, the glasses. According to Mr. Jacobs we can dig out our old specs from way back. What do you think, could it be that he maybe got inspired by our famous little blogger Tavi....??

16 February 2010

Enjoy life!

This post is for my dear friend D. It was this day one year ago that she lost her sister Xandra to cancer. The three sisters became two, although in their memories she will live on forever.

So no fashion high light, no funny post about bloggers, as moments like these remind us of the real important issues in life (and I don't mean The September Issue...). I wanted to share this with you, my faithful readers, as there are probably more of you that have lost a loved one, so you will understand.

Xandra used to say "Enjoy life to the fullest..." and so she did!

Over time the mourning will ease, but the memories will live on and beautiful pictures like these will help remind us of all the good she has brought in many lives.

(Thank you Chrisje, for this beautiful drawing)

It's about Style!

Last night at exactly 8pm the lights went down at the Armory in New York, the Marc Jacobs show was about to start! Then a spotlight appeared on Marc as he walked across the room to tear down the brown paper, revealling all the models, standing in a giant wooden crate. On the soundtrack 'Somewhere over the rainbow' the 56 models exited the box one at a time, including two stylists of Marc, two girls who were pulled off the street and of course 'real' models. Dutch model Patricia van der Vliet was walking the runway as well. And then, there were no celebrities front row, a one song soundtrack thus, very few recognizable models and the after party was 'staff-only' this year. "It's not about fashion, it's about style. That's why we used 'real' girls", Marc said after the show. The comments were wonderful: "This show was the most beautiful of his career!" Wow!

15 February 2010

Fashion friends!

This photo really emits fashion! Check out Garance Doré with Anna dello Russo and two other 'Voguettes'. These ladies look amazingly fashionable and I must say, this is the Sartorialist at his best! The picture was taken during the Menswear Fall 2010 shows in Milan a month ago. And, oh yes, one more thing...why does Garance has a LV Sofia Coppola bag in two colors? She's got one in dark navy as well! It's not fair!

14 February 2010

Twitpics Bryanboy

First model comes out at Herve Leger Fall 2010...

And to show you how nice it is to be able to see almost everything that's going on at NY Fashion Week, here two twitpics (picture from twitter) placed by Bryanboy about 15 minutes ago. As I'm writing this post Bryanboy is sitting front row at the Herve Leger show enjoying their Fall 2010 collection. As you can see he's got the pleasure to sit next to Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) and I gues the other seat with 'The Sartorialist-sign' must be for Garance Doré, don't you think? I love Bryanboy for his quick updates and I love Twitter!
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