25 June 2010

La Roux

V&R had invited a very special surprise guest at their V&R's SS 2011 menswear 'Monsieur' collection in Paris yesterday. It was pop singer La Roux who is known for her androgynous styling and for her get-stuck-into-your-head-forever pop beats. To be honest, I thought I had never heard of La Roux, but as I looked up her 2009 song Bulletproof on Youtube I remembered her again. During this very intimate show she was wearing a V&R tuxedo and a pair of matching glasses and she sung three of her pop songs, including Bulletproof. La Roux's unique style, both in her music and her clothes seemed the perfect accompaniment to V&R's new collection. And maybe they will all meet again, as La Roux wants to involve V&R in her newest music video.

23 June 2010


Tattoos are now more popular then ever. Many celebrities have one or more tattoos, including actors, actresses, pop stars and sports stars. Even models are joining the trend. Many go for small discrete tattoos, but some are more daring, with large designs on prominent parts of the body. But many modelling agencies try to dissuade their stars from markings. So, are tattoos on models totally inappropriate? Kate Moss has got several small tattoos but I have never really noticed them in her fashionshoots or ad campaigns. Then again, would the shoot or ad campaign be less beautiful if we did see her tattoos? I don't think so. Photographer and blogger Tommy Ton from Jak & Jil was shooting streetstyle photos during the Men's Fashion Week for GQ in Milan last week and it was striking how many 'streetstyle tattoos' he captured..and, yes, I do like these photos!

17 June 2010


I went to the Rika Boutique in Amsterdam this morning (Sale!) and I must say I was really enjoying myself. And not just because of the reduced prices! There was simply a great atmosphere between all these women trying to find their purchase of the year. Unique during a sale! So no pulling or dragging, but nice conversations and in between trying on clothes. There were even a few women exchanging business cards. How great is that!

Well, let's talk about Rika or even better Ulrika Lundgren. She is a stylist-turned-designer, born in Sweden and she started her label Rika back in 2005. Her style is a bit rock'n'roll mixed with romantic vintage and a little bit of the clean Scandinavian aesthetic. She chose her favorite symbol, a star, to be her trademark. French Vogue's Carine Roitfeld is a big fan of the bags and Rika also has been seen on style icons such as Helena Christensen, Alexa Chung, Chloe Sevigny and Kate Moss, to name a few. The label is currently sold in more than 50 of the best stores all over the world. Ulrika still lives and works in Amsterdam with her husband and two sons. And oh yes, I bought this T-Shirt.....;-)

13 June 2010

Stella Resort Collection 2011

This week Stella McCartney showed her resort 2011 collection in New York in a very relaxed ambiance. She had a rooftop party were guests were sipping at margaritas and eating organic ice cream while the models were posing and walking by. It was a colorful collection of mini cocktail looks and crisp tailored jackets (this season in salmon, azure and white) for which Stella is known. There were beautiful botanical prints and the lace she used looked very fresh in all the several other fabrics. Check out these amazing photos by Hanneli Mustaparta. I love Stella's very relaxed look in the black and white photo!

12 June 2010


Palladium boots used to be huge in the early 90s and yes, I had a pair as well. Wearing Palladiums meant being part of the scene and isn't that what we all wanted back then? Anyway, get ready for their return! The brand is back with three new styles in three materials (canvas, leather and suede). Unlike the originals, Palladium has some updated finishes, like a dark patent finish and a fold-over plaid version. But even with the changes, this boot still looks good with that vintage floral dress or those cut-off denim shorts. I don't think I will buy them again but this boot brings back lots of good memories so definitely worthwhile to write at least a post about it....

7 June 2010


Our Lara Stone has signed an exclusive deal with Calvin Klein for three of their brands' ad campaigns. Lara will appear in advertisements for Calvin Klein Collection, ck Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans this coming fall. 'She was the perfect choice for the new campaign because she is a woman who stands for conficendence and sensuality' said creative director Francisco Costa. It is the first time in years that the fashion name is using the same beauty to front all three lines!


Besides my obsession for jeans I am a real jacket person. I have got several jackets in my closet, most of them are black & fitted and I wear them as often as I can. This style suits me and it always looks great (at least that is what I think...). The last few seasons we saw all kinds of jacket shapes passing by like relaxed fit, boyfriend jackets and eighty inspired blazers with their exaggerated shoulders. And is it not striking that we all know what fashion people mean when they are talking about Balmain shoulders now? Well, I am glad I sticked to my fitted style because there are streetstyle signs at the moment that fitted is the new black. Especially in Milan the ladies have started to wear more and more fitted and deflated jackets. So, of course, you understand, I am very happy with the return of this style. I love my fitted jacket! Photo taken in Milan by All the pretty birds.

6 June 2010


I took this photo from Twitter last friday....because I really liked Scott Schuman's new haircut. Garance Doré, streetstyle photographer and not to forget Scott's girlfriend, posted a tweet with this photo about them celebrating Scott's 20 years-living-in-New York anniversary! It was quite funny to read and so I replied to Garance that 'The Sartorialist' looks very 2010 at the moment. She agreed with me...!

4 June 2010


Because it is my favorite jeans at the moment...check out Raquel Zimmerman for the Vogue Paris june/july issue. She is wearing model Liv from Closed and I love this rockabilly way of styling which was done by fashion editor Emmanuelle Alt.

2 June 2010


Dutch model Patricia van der Vliet made her runway debut during Spring/Summer 2010 shows in New York, Milan & Paris. She opened the Louis Vuitton show and closed the Balenciaga and she is currently signed with 6 model agencies including Elite Model Management in Paris and Milan. So this girl is rocking the modelling world at the moment. But why keeps everybody drawing attention to the fact that Patricia placed fourth in the reality television show Holland's Next Topmodel two years ago? So, dear fashion press, let's just forget about that fourth place and consider this beautiful Dutch model as an international Top Model! By the way, she is ranked 29th on the international model ranking website models.com at the moment!

1 June 2010

Chanel Pre Fall 2010

I know, it's striking. Chanel keeps coming back in my posts lately and I don't know why. But I do find that Mr. Lagerfeld is doing a good job at Chanel and after I had seen this documentary about him I was sold, he's an amazing and devoted fashion designer! So here a preview from their Pre Fall 2010 ad campaign. It combines combat touches with that recognizable look of the French brand. And this time Baptiste Giabiconi is accompanied by Dutch model Mirte Maas. Beautiful photo!
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