30 October 2010


This girl was actually posing for streetstyle photographer Tamu McPherson from All the pretty birds before the V&R show at Tuileries gardens. Tamu takes beautiful pics and she has a special way of approaching someone trying to make the most out of a streetstyle photo. I really admire Tamu's work and it was nice meeting her in real life (although it was only a quick chat of 1 minute...) The girl on this pic is wearing the Acne Admire wedge boots, not really my taste but they looked beautiful on her!

Isabel Marant SS 2011

Love this shirt!

Love this T-Shirt!

Love these pants!

29 October 2010

Frida & Caroline

I love this picture, it is one of my best shots after the V&R show at Tuileries gardens during Paris Fashion Week. Caroline Blomst from Stockholm StreetStyle is posing cheek to cheek with Swedish model Frida Gustavsson in front of the camera of Daniel Troyse, Caroline's blogpartner.

26 October 2010

Red pants

Today I wrote a blog on the Dutch Retail & Fashion site In de Mode about Red Pants. We saw red leather pants on a few catwalks back in february already. Isabel Marant, Balmain and Valentino had the courage to come up with this striking fashion trend and I must say...it's not bad. As always and especially with the colour red, the styling with other colours is risky. But Swedish fashion editor and blogger Elin Kling goes all the way with her red pants and combines hers with camel, black ánd blue! I like her style and I think she looks wonderful!

25 October 2010

Fred N

Let me introduce you to Fred N, blogger for the Dutch The Digitalistas and working as a hairstylist and make-up artist as well. I met Fred outside the V&R show at Tuileries gardens and he had a very funny way in approaching everybody he wanted to take a picture from. Everytime he took a photo he smiled and said (shouted actually...) 'Amsterdam loves you!' and then everybody was really enchanted. Even Anna dello Russo couldn't resist Fred and gave him a big smile in return. It was nice meeting you, Fred!

22 October 2010

Anna dello Russo

Well, we all know Anna dello Russo Editor at Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. She is a collector of fashion and jewellery and a real passionata fashionista! I was so excited when I saw her outside the V&R show at Tuileries Gardens! She was very nice to everybody and had all the patience in the world for all the photographers out there. She's wearing a dress from Worth Couture, a collection by desginer Giovanni Bedin that is credited with originally launching couture, founded by British couturier Charles Frederick Worth in 1858. Amazing! Her shoes are from Bottega Veneta.

19 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week.....Simona

Meet the new girl, the 15-year-old Serbian beauty Simona Andrejic. She walked a lot of Spring 2011 runway shows and she is a rising star at the moment. Here she left the Dior show at Tuileries gardens and she looked really amazing IRL!

18 October 2010


I know, this is going to be an easy post, but I just HAVE to show you this photo by Jak&Jil, wow, it is just so BEAUTIFUL! Of course, most of you have Tommy Ton's blog in their favorites already, but then again, he can't get enough credit for his wonderful and amazing streetstyle pics! Enjoy!!

16 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week.....Caroline

It's not the first time that lovely Caroline Issa is posing for me and my camera, I photographed her in february as well. She's always so friendly and willing to stand still for a moment. Caroline is publisher and executive fashion director of Tank Magazine, a UK magazine that focuses on lifestyle, art, architecture, literature and fashion. She's also editor in chief of the digital fashion magazine Because. Busy lady!

11 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week.....Vika

Meet the Russian Vika Gazinskaya wearing a lovely double denim outfit. The way she wears her scarve proves her origin for a bit.
She was late for the V&R show, actually she was too late for the V&R show. All of a sudden she realised this, the music was already audible outside (photo 2), she pointed out her finger and she started to run....!

10 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week.....Constance

French Model Constance Jablonski outside the V&R show at Tuileries Gardens. With special thanks to one of my readers.....;-)

Paris.....le Marais

Love this girl's cargo boyfriend shorts and especially her belt with golden coins! Le Marais, on the corner to Place des Vosges.

9 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week.....Haya & Sama

They are possibly the youngest buyers in Paris, the 16-years-old twin sisters Haya & Sama who are always attending lots of shows because their mum Rula Abu Khadra runs The Art of Living fashion store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Interesting hair!

8 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week.....Leigh

The amazing American DJ, model and IT-girl Leigh Lezark after the V&R show at Tuileries Gardens.

Paris Fashion Week.....Christine

The lovely Christine Centenera fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar Austrialia, wearing the Isabel Marant fur coat!

7 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week.....Bag

Paris Fashion Week.....Bryanboy

Well, I bumped into Filipino fashion blogger Bryanboy outside the V&R show! So many people made him stop to take a pic, however he stayed really calm and he was very friendly to everyone. He's wearing a Kenzo coat, shoes and sunglasses and a Chanel bag as you can see on the picture below.

Bryanboy found himself in the spotlight after Marc Jacobs named a bag after him. He spends his time Fashion Week-hopping around the globe, sitting front row and always wearing the most exclusive designer outfits. Bryanboy is a fashionista!

6 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week.....guess who?

Guess who I bumped into outside the V&R show at Tuileries gardens?

4 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week.....Julia Sarr Jamois

She made all heads turning during Fashion Week! Let me introduce you to 22-year-old Julia Sarr Jamois, model and fashion editor at Wonderland magazine. I love her effortless style and her big hair is fantastic!

Paris Fashion Week.....peu d'impression

3 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week.....Caroline

So here are some first pics from Paris Fashion Week taken outside the V&R show yesterday. The show had started already (the music was audible outside) and I was waiting for everybody to come out. And there she was, the wonderful streetstyle photographer Caroline Blomst from StockholmStreetStyle! She looked so pretty in real life and I always like her casual but really well chosen outfit (like me, she wears Acne jeans a lot and it is one of her favorite brands...) Caroline runs her beautiful and successful blog with photographer Daniel Troyse and for sure they form a perfect team. It was great to see those two working together!
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