22 October 2010

Anna dello Russo

Well, we all know Anna dello Russo Editor at Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. She is a collector of fashion and jewellery and a real passionata fashionista! I was so excited when I saw her outside the V&R show at Tuileries Gardens! She was very nice to everybody and had all the patience in the world for all the photographers out there. She's wearing a dress from Worth Couture, a collection by desginer Giovanni Bedin that is credited with originally launching couture, founded by British couturier Charles Frederick Worth in 1858. Amazing! Her shoes are from Bottega Veneta.


  1. Blog in nieuw jasje gestoken? Zoals een echte fashionista behoort te doen; Change!!! Mooi!!!

  2. Thanks my dear! Indeed, sometimes we need change! x


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