10 November 2010


What an amazing sweater this is! Reminds me a bit of those hand knitted sweaters we used to wear when I was younger (long time ago..) My friends mother Betty was really good in knitting fashionable cotton sweaters and I always was so jealous of her, especially of that one with the colour fields. Remember that one, Helen? Fortunately I could borrow this sweater now and then! Photo from Elin Kling. Go to TopShop for more knitted inspiration!


  1. With the ELLE print on the back? Or was it front?

  2. helenonair11/11/10 19:44

    I kept this swetter on my attic, it is 27 years old!! It's ubervintage!!! wanna buy?? :)

  3. :-))))) you can wear it next spring again!!!


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