30 March 2010

New Clubmaster

I took this photo of Miroslava Duma outside the V&R show during Paris Fashion Week. After she had finished her phone call she smiled at me and posed once more. Anyway, I like the fact that she's wearing the New Clubmaster sunglasses of Ray-Ban. Apparently this legendary model is very cool amongst fashion editors at the moment and right this morning my friend H bought her very own Clubmaster as well. Good choice H!

Behind the scenes @ Chanel

Check out these amazing behind the scenes photos of the Chanel Fall 2010 ad campaign! Again Mr Karl Lagerfeld himself got out his camera in the lower east side of New York City last week. Models Abby Lee Kershaw and Freja Beha Erichson are featuring this campaign wearing Chanel's luxurious boucle tweeds, fluffy furs and mukluks. I'm looking forward to see the final results of Karl's shoot! Photos from The Greyest Ghost.

29 March 2010

Legs, shoes & bags

Take a good look at these photos...and I will tell you a little story. Since a few weeks I have the photo with the legs, shoes & bags as a 'profile photo' on this blog and as a 'avatar' on my Twitter account as well. I love this photo, I think it includes totally what my blog is about. Well, last week I posted a blog about Caroline Issa, the busy & interesting publisher and manager of Tank Magazine and Because Magazine. Caroline tweeted me (wow, she tweeted ME!) that she liked the post (and my blog) and mentioned that the legs, shoes and bag on my profile photo where hers! What a coincidence! So of course I went looking for the upper side of this photo (photos taken by Jak & Jil by the way) and came across another photo with 'a complete Caroline' as well. Okay, so now I can tell you that her shoes are from Proenza Schouler, her bag's from Alexander McQueen and she was sitting front row at the Jil Sander show! Isn't that nice?

28 March 2010

L'Eclaireur @ Paris

While I was in Paris a few weeks ago I definately wanted to visit the concept store L'Eclaireur. As friend D and I entered this much spoken about store in rue de Sévigné, we immediately saw why it's called the BEST concept store in Paris. L'Eclaireur is owned by French fashion expert Armand Hadida and his wife Martine and they decided to create a space different than other boutiques. They wanted to prove that for selling fashion, it's not obligatory to show it. And this is why they have decided to hide part of the clothes, leaving room for the customers' own imagination. This is not a store, this is an experience!

As we were a little early that morning I had time to take this photo of a sales person of L'Eclaireur. She gave a friendly smile and looked very stylish in her all-black outfit. Later on in the store we found out that every single sales person at this store was very friendly and very service orientated! So, yes, this was a great experience!

26 March 2010

Natalia in Lanvin

Model Natalia Vodianova wearing pieces from Lanvin's Spring collection for i-D magazine. Photos from Fashion gone Rogue.


Lucas Ossendrijver & Alber Elbaz, photo by the Sartorialist

I don't know why but the last couple of weeks I'm very interested in the collection of Lanvin and the story behind this designer house. It's France's oldest couture house and it was 'born' in 1889 when 22 year old designer Jeanne Lanvin opened a boutique on Paris' prestigious rue du Faubourg de Saint Honoré. Since 2001 the couture house is under creative direction of Israeli designer Alber Elbaz and he revitalized this now so much desired brand! The designer of the Lanvin Men's collection is our own Dutch Lucas Ossendrijver (since 2005) and he has made a huge impact on modern menswear since his arrival. In an interview he once said: "Alber and I are like brothers, or like father and son. He's generous and he gives me a lot of space, which is rare in fashion. I know he's always there". Today the Lanvin house has a luxe edge with a Parisian chic and it is definately one of the most sought after fashion labels!


As I'm still a big fan of Sex and the City, I am really looking forward to their second movie. It's always a nice girls night out! In Europe SATC 2 is due in the theaters 27th of May 2010, so we still have to wait two more months. Anyway, will we find out if Carry and Mr. Big will have 'little feet' around the house? Check out these long awaited photos from the film!

25 March 2010

Christina @ Paris Fashion Week

I was quite excited when Christina Centenera was passing me by outside the V&R show in Tuileries Gardens. She's almost every streetstyle blogger's favorite lately because of her amazing and different style. I did a post about her a long time ago with a few streetstyle photos and she's a very on-trend lady. Christina is the Fashion Editor of the Australian Harper's Bazaar, mixes & matches her wardrobe and is not afraid to wear things more than once. Here she's wearing a dress from young Australian designer Dion Lee, a newcomer on the fashion scene.

24 March 2010


Without fail, here we have a real Aviator-look! Especially the army jacket underneath the leather one and not to forget the Ray-Ban sunglasses!

This is a beautiful picture taken by Fred from Easy Fashion. I just recently discovered his Paris based fashion blog and I think he's an amazing photographer. I took a risk to copy this photo to my blog because I didn't ask him for authorisation, sorry about that Fred! But maybe he'll tolerate it, I'm laudatory about his work and nicely put a link to his wonderful site... In case any of you will visit his site, please pay attention to the lovely music playing!

23 March 2010

Caroline @ Paris Fashion Week

Meet Caroline Issa, publisher and manager of Tank Magazine and Because Magazine, but also known for her impeccable sense of style. To be honest I didn't know who she was, had to look it up, but now I know that she's a very busy woman. She works with Christian Lacroix, Links of London and Swarovski and others on various marketing and advertising projects as well. Interesting lady! You can follow her on Twitter. Photo taken outside the V&R show at Tuileries Garden.

22 March 2010

Dandy Diane

We know German-born Diane Kruger as an actress but she used to be a model as well. It happens to be that Mr. Karl Lagerfeld is a good friend of her, so Karl shot her cover for the April issue of German Vogue. And not just one, no, this cover comes in a series of three! I love these covers, there're so classic and simple. I do find that Karl is an amazing fashion photographer so if he's really thinking of retiring as a designer at Chanel he certainly can continue with this sideline. Well, this afternoon I bought myself one copy and it was hard to choose......so, tell me my dear readers, which one did I pick?


Photo from Trendy Crew
So I thought I knew all about the fashion do's & don'ts....but hey, who am I? Suddenly the fashion industry can manage to turn around any look. Like this one, wearing socks with high heels. Marc Jacobs started of with socks during his Pre-fall 2009 collection already, his models were wearing loosely black socks paired with black pumps last year. And for this spring, designers like Burberry, Galliano and Hermès dared to expand their look with socks as well. So, yes, I do think we have a trend here. The good thing about it is that you can wear your pumps early in spring already. And styled in the right way with loose socks or longer ones you can roll down a bit....not so bad!

19 March 2010

Scott & Garance

And then all of a sudden I spotted them....Scott Schuman & Garance Doré outside the V&R show at Tuileries Gardens! I got a bit nervous (don't know why) so I took my camera and quickly made a few photos when they both were not looking. But then Garance saw me taking pictures and she smiled oh so lovely at me. So that gave me the courage to approach them both and I kindly asked if I could take another (and this time a proper) picture..... I'm really proud of this photo! I've sent a copy by mail to Mr. Schuman himself, hope he likes it!

18 March 2010


What everybody likes about Carine Roitfeld, chief editor of the French Vogue, is that she's always smiles at the camera. At least, that is what I always read on fashion blogs and in fashion magazines And I must say, those people are right. So when I came across this photo of her....hmm...no smiling at all. But still, she looks wonderful as ever!

Bryanboy @ Vogue

Bryanboy, the wildly popular fashion blogger from the Philippines, attracts about 5000 page views on his blog on a daily basis. So it comes as no surprise that he was featured in an editorial about the most influential style bloggers in the world of the March 2010 Power Issue of Vogue US. So far Bryanboy considered this feature in Vogue as thé highlight of his fashion career. And then came yesterday....Bryanboy had the most marvelous, magnificent and magical meeting ever, so he wrote on his blog. He had the pleasure and honour to meet with the great Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the Vogue US. He spend one hour and twenty minutes on the 12th floor at Vogue but unfortunately he could not go into detail, not yet... Want to be the first to know? Then follow Bryanboy on Twitter.


Meet Anne-Catherine from Luxembourg, outside the V&R show in Paris. She is a fashion design student in Paris and to me it was quite surprising that lots of photographers even noticed her very nice personal look. I mean, during Fashion Week most of the women are wearing designers from head-to-toe and of course we all loooove that. But sometimes it's nice to see a girl who's just wearing a bowler hat and a fur coat, probably all vintage, and looks very fantastic as well. Don't you agree?

17 March 2010

V&R Performance

Well, in a few of my latest posts I talked about the V&R Fall 2010 show....but hey, it was not a show at all, it was a PERFORMANCE! None other than legendary model and nineties face Kristen McMenamy started of the performance with ten layers of clothes joined on stage by Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren. They both proceeded to remove one piece of her clothing at a time and then the younger models were dressed in those items to show it on the runway. Once Kristen had been stripped down the whole preformance resumed in reverse. Breathtaking idea!

15 March 2010

Beautiful Black

To be honest I don't know who this all-in-black dressed woman is but she definately looked amazing wearing her soft leather pants and beautiful high heeled booties! She was in a hurry to attend the V&R show at Tuileries Gardens but all of a sudden she stopped to give some photographers the opportunity to take some pics. So, I took my chance as well.....of course! Anyone who can tell me the name of this Beautiful Black-dressed lady, please let me know!

13 March 2010

Swarovski Shoes

Only today I found out that these legs and beautiful shoes are from fashion blogger Susie Bubble. So when I took this photo outside the V&R Fall 2010 show at Tuileries Gardens I didn't realise that Susie was passing me by. It could be explained by the fact that I was so distracted by her shoes and the incredible fashionable atmosphere at that moment.....yes, that must be it. Anyway, these amazing shoes are from British designer Giles Deacon and as we speak my eight dear friends will receive a dinner invitation with this photo in the post today. I hope they like it!

12 March 2010

Vintage Vuitton

Et voilà, une vintage Vuitton! This is probably one of my best accessories shots outside the V&R Fall 2010 show at Tuileries Gardens last week. And the weird thing is that just one day before I took this photo this very same bag was photographed by French fashion blogger Géraldine Dormoy as well, which you can see on Café Mode. The woman 'behind' this beautiful bag is Camille Bidault-Waddington, a freelance stylist who workes with lots of designers and photographers like Mario Testino and Terry Richardson.

11 March 2010

Carine & Julia

I really hoped to get these two in front of my camera during my stay in Paris, but sadly I didn't. In my opinion Carine is the queen of Paris Fashion Week, so it was very staggering to read that she was banned from the Balenciaga Fall 2010 show last week. What happened? Apparently Balenciaga had blacklisted French Vogue, they don't advertise in the magazine or lend it samples anymore. But why? There's a rumor that Carine called in a Balenciaga sample and then loaned it to MaxMara, a brand she consults for. MaxMara then made a similar coat before the Balenciaga sample was returned to them, which upset Balenciaga and resulted in the ban. True or false? Photo made @PFW by Oliver Zahm.

10 March 2010

Miroslava @ Paris Fashion Week

Beautiful Miroslava Duma, editor at Harper's Bazaar Russia outside the V&R Fall 2010 show in Tuileries Gardens. Miroslava has got a very personal style and appears on every fashionblog lately. That she was wearing a jeans to this show was quite surprising, but as always it looked good on her!

9 March 2010

Solemn Parade

The final McQueen show was in Paris this afternoon, special guests only. From Twitter by Women's Wear Daily (@womensweardaily): "A solemn parade of 15 showpieces in a gilded salon made for a moving viewing of the final collection by Lee Alexander McQueen". And @JessicaMichault tweeted: "It was breathtakingly beautiful".

Backstage @ Chanel show

Dutch models Mirte & Patricia backstage at Chanel Fall 2010 show #PFW (at Paris Fashion Week). Twitpic by Rinke Tjepkema, editor Dutch Grazia. Show starts now...!!!

Barbara @ Paris Fashion Week

Barbara Martelo, stylist Vogue Spain outside the V&R Fall 2010 show in Tuileries Gardens, Paris.

8 March 2010

Isabel Marant @ Paris Fashion Week

Isabel Marant was thinking fifties with her Fall 2010 collection. There were fitted rolled up jeans, a faded denim jacket, sparkly tees and high pony tails. Marant told Nicole Phelps from Style.com that she was ready for a change. So no studded boots, but pointy-toed pumps with floppy bows on the side. She did threw in some lamé fitted pants, red leather pants and last but not least a white rabbit jacket. So enough easy and shiny items for the real fans.

Claudia Cardinale

Back from Paris! I had some amazing days with beautiful weather and took my best photos ever, outside the V&R Fall 2010 show at Tuileries Gardens. I will tell you later on this week....
Friday night friend D and I had dinner at L'Osteria, a very small Italian restaurant in Rue de Sévigné. We almost missed it because from the outside it didn't look like a restaurant at all. As friend D lived in Italy for many many years she always succeeds in having a nice chat with the Italian people and so we heard that famous actress Claudia Cardinale had booked a table that night. Ten minutes later she walked in and with her 72 years of age still beautiful. Claudia is from the same 'period' as Brigitte Bardot and I really think that the beauty of these kind of women is in a way a very special beauty you don't see around anymore. This photo is from 1962 by photographer Terence Donavan (1936-1996). Che bellezza! Oh, by the way, dinner was wonderful....

7 March 2010

Wedges @ Paris Fashion Week

Cécile @ Paris Fashion Week

Cécile Narinx, editor in chief Dutch Elle outside the V&R Fall 2010 show in Tuileries Gardens.
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