30 April 2010

Royal Jumpsuit

It's Queensday in the Netherlands today which means an official day off, partying in preferably an orange outfit and watching our royal family on television in the morning visiting a Dutch city. Well, so far this extra information for my foreign readers. But what has Queensday got to do with fashion you might think? Not that much. Only, the last couple of years our Dutch princes have been able to hook up with some nice 'girls' and so, yes really, the royal fashion value has been upgraded lately. Of course there's our beloved princess Maxima, always looking beautiful and wearing her designer outfits with lots of grace & style. But the princess who has got the most fashion sense is princess Mabel. She got married to Queen Beatrix' second son prince Friso in 2004 in a V&R wedding dress and she has remained loyal to them ever since. This morning on television, I immediately noticed that Mabel was wearing a jumpsuit instead of a skirt or dress. Moreover, with killer heels! On Twitter I found out that this jumpsuit was, as expected, from the V&R Pre-Fall 2010 collection. Princess Mabel rocks! As soon as I come across a photo of Mabel and her royal jumpsuit I will post it on my blog, but for now you have to be satisfied with this official V&R lookbook photo.

28 April 2010


What I like the most about this photo is that it's all about her silhouette. Her beautiful suit emerges wonderfully in the streets of Paris! And look, remember my post about Flares? Here we see those new flared leg already... Okay, another nice detail is that friend D and I have been walking through this nice, but very long street. Me thinking that I would be too late for taking photos outside the V&R show at Tuileries Gardens and friend D thinking that we still had enough time so why not take a walk instead of another cab? Well, I have to confess, my friend was right, 'cause we even had the possibility to sit down at Cafe Ruc before the show started.....Photo from Stockholm Streetstyle.

25 April 2010

Screen saver

Why is this post called Screen saver? Well, because this photo is my screen saver on my laptop at the moment... Maybe not that interesting to read, but it will be if I tell you that these shoes, gloves and handbag are Garance Doré's. See, now we're talking....and I took this photo myself in Paris, outside the V&R show at Tuileries Gardens two months ago!

While we are on the subject, I still haven't been able to identify Garance's bag. I think it's a beautiful bag, could be a vintage one, but a brand new Fall 2010 designer bag as well. So, if anyone can tell me a little bit more about it....please let me know! And, hey Garance, if you read this, I would much appreciate your comment! ;-)

23 April 2010


Why is it that I always like fashion editorials where sweat is involved? I think it's the combination of that boyish & sporty look combined with for example the ultimate basic jacket, wonderful! To be honest I never wear a pair of sweat pants with a jacket myself, whereas I have got a nice Diesel pair in my closet...maybe I should go for the Isabel Marant one next winter? I will let you know at that time. But for now, have a look at this beautiful editorial in the Elle Italy April 2010 issue and enjoy!


When friend D and I were in Paris two months ago we discovered this wonderful French brand Ba&sh. And to be honest, we had never heard of Ba&sh before..... So how weird things can be, because last month I saw an editorial in the Dutch Glamour with some Ba&sh clothes and this morning I came across all their top summer 2010 looks on View on Fashion. Coincidence does not exist...(this is a Dutch expression by the way, so don't know if I translated this in the right way). Anyway, friend D bought an amazing leather jacket and a pair of striped denim pants and we both came to the conclusion that Ba&sh is fresh & new, with stylish denim and a touch of Parisian style! It all started back in 2003 when childhood friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief decided to create their own fashion brand. Now they're selling their creations in 350 outlets across the world. So, hopefully a Dutch store will follow soon.....

22 April 2010

Queen of Posh

Wow, this is a wonderful photo of Victoria Beckham in the Vogue Germany May issue 2010. She will also be on the cover and the editorial shows a different side to Victoria.

This issue is also dedicated to jeans so she spoke to Vogue about the secret to perfect-fit jeans (Victoria has her own denim line) I say, this issue will fit perfectly well on my high pile of Vogues!

21 April 2010

Tweet Chic

Style.com, the online home of Vogue US, has created an amazing site, namely a special Twitter site where you can follow the most fashionable Twitterers, all in one place. It's called Tweet Chic! You can just follow all the (fashion) tweets, but it's also possible to have a look at the latest photos everybody has placed on Twitter as well. Or do you just want to read what the Style.com Editors have been tweeting? Find out here.





There will be a new kind of flare next winter. After several seasons of skintight pants we are going to see trousers cut more generously at the hems. "The flare pant looks fresh and they make legs look like they go on forever," designer Derek Lam told Style.com. Balmain's Christopher Decarnin went for long, narrow rock-chick trousers and yes...fanned out over the feet! At Prada we saw kick flares cropped above the ankle. So, the question is, will you dare to flare this coming winter?

19 April 2010


Check out this streetstyle photo of Russian supermodel Anna Selezneva wearing this beautiful beige coat! (She walked the Céline fashion show a couple of weeks ago so I guess it must be a Céline coat....). To tell the truth I like the way she combines this chic coat with her jeans and a pair of sneakers. Normally we see these kind of coats in a totally different combination, which could be very stylish as well, don't get me wrong. But to wear a pair of Golden Goose sneakers with a Céline coat, well, yes, this girl has got lots of (street) style! Photo from Stockholm Streetstyle.

16 April 2010


I'm into khakis at the moment and I'm wearing my new baggy khaki pants as we speak. Of course with rolled up legs! Just so you know, the word 'khaki' originally means dust-colored but nowadays the fashion term khaki means army green or beige-colored. If we're talking about khakis (with an s) then we mean those cotton closely woven casual pants. Okay, so far my khaki lesson... There are fashion experts out there who think that khaki is the new black at the moment. US Vogue had a big khaki editorial in their march issue and even Garance Doré noticed this trend back in february already. She says that khaki is the perfect color: it makes any other color amazing! And you know what, I totally agree! Photo from Jak & Jil.

15 April 2010


Nicole Phelps is the Executive Editor of Style.com, the online home of US Vogue Magazine. She's a popular expert on fashion trends and before she joined Style.com she worked for Elle magazine, W magazine and Women's Wear Daily. During the Fashion Weeks I always check out the site Style.com (on a daily basis!) because Nicole is amazing in writing catwalk reports! Photo taken outside the V&R show, Tuileries Gardens, Paris.

14 April 2010

Acne's Journal

We all know that blogging is the new black and now one of my favorite brands has started to blog as well. Acne has restyled their website with a great lookbook and of course there's still their wonderful webshop (with great service by the way!) & Acne Outlet, which is still worthwhile visiting! So, for those who are just as fond of Acne as I am, check out their blog called The Journal. Enjoy!

12 April 2010

Weird World

Would you believe me if I tell you that these photos are from the French Vogue August 2006? Probably not and to be honest I had a good look at it myself and I could not really put my finger on it. Why should this editorial be back from 2006? So what does this mean? That there has nothing changed with certain styles and ways of wearing clothes? That a skinny pants or jeans will always be...eh....skinny? That a Chanel jacket is for life? No, I don't think so. Otherwise we wouldn't call it FASHION. I do believe in basics items who can make every outfit stylish and complete. But....there's always a difference between just a skinny jeans or THE skinny jeans with the right leg and where your bottom looks awesome in! And, yes, maybe a Chanel jacket is for life and you could sew in some shoulder pads which are so hot right now. But hey, why not buy a new one? Every season all the designers are able to induce us with new influences and new impulses. And so every season a Chanel jacket is still a Chanel jacket, but, the thing is, real fashion lovers want a new one! Fashion? A weird world, but I love it!

9 April 2010

Coat with Flowers

I've waited a while to post this photo, because I really wanted to trace down this lady's name. I took this photo outside the V&R show at Tuileries Gardens and from the minute I saw her standing there, posing for lots of other photographers I had the idea that she must be someone very special. She wore this amazing coat with stitched flowers on it, wonderful Louboutin heels and a to die for matching clutch. And most of the people who have seen my Paris photos the last couple of weeks considered this photo the most beautiful one. So, I don't know who this stylish lady is, but I thought I post it anyway and hopefully one of my readers will be able to tell me her name or even better her link to fashion world. Thanks!

8 April 2010

Clemens en August

I started my fashion 'career' at the buying office of C&A and I still have fond memories of that time. We all know C&A is famous for their factory tailored clothing and they're still one of the biggest fashion chains in the world, owned and managed by the Brenninkmeijer family. What a lot of people don't know is that every single Brenninkmeijer is almost mandatory to work within the company. But then came Alexander Brenninkmeijer! He decided to make a name for himself in fashion with his own label Clemens en August (pay attention to the Dutch word 'en' which means 'and', I like that little detail in his brand name!). Anyway, Alexander thinks 'that designer clothes are just too expensive' and so he started an original concept. Just like his ancestors, the two brothers Clemens and August did back in 1841 selling clothes to farmers in the northern of The Netherlands, he tours with his collection as well. What a radical selling technique! So you won't find this collection in the shops and he's not planning to open his own shop either. No, this collection is only available for 3 days in cities like Berlin, New York, Copenhagen and London where Alexander sets up a shop in an art gallery or theatre. So check out the site for dates and locations. This weekend in Amsterdam!!! Location: White Space Amsterdam Dates: Fri 9 - Sun 11 April!
I really like this basic but well made collection!

7 April 2010


The reason I love this photo is because of the grey jumper Lara Stone is wearing. I think this could be the one I would wear next fall. Oh well, now you're probably thinking, why she's talking about fall clothes, summer hasn't even started yet. But as you all know, bloggers have to stay ahead of these things...

One more time...

Photo from & by Hanneli Mustaparta
Photo Vanessa Jackman

Okay, let's talk about belts again just one more time. As you all know, I'm really into belts at the moment. So check out these two inspirational photos!
And then this 'happened' last week. My dear friend D has got her own 'fashion connection' in Italy (she lived there for more than 10 years and yes, it's true, Italians are ahead of most of the trends) and thus she still gets all the updates about the latest fashion influences. A few days ago she got a little list (per textmessage) from Italy with 'what's hot or not'. Guess what the Italian women are wearing around their jackets, cardigans, coats or dresses at the moment? Yes, belts! Well, it's always nice to get it confirmed from the good old Romans....don't you think?

4 April 2010

Fashion Week in 4 minutes!


I've watched this wonderful video a couple of times already and I can't get enough of it!!!! Especially the parts at Tuileries Gardens. Wants me to go to Paris again! Obviously this little video was posted by Garance herself and even Scott wrote a little story about it on his blog (on how he didn't want to be filmed, but that he was filmed anyway...). Made by Garance Doré Studio. Enjoy!!!

Happy Easter!

3 April 2010


I would have never thought to belt the outside of a coat, but I have a confession to make.... Last week I belted my trench coat and in a way I felt very fashionable that day! And yes, I got some compliments, so apparently there was something good about my 'all of a sudden' inspiration.....So, enjoy these photos and maybe you'll get inspired too!

1 April 2010

White jacket

With only black and grey jackets in my closet you could think that I'm not fashionable at all. But, hey, they are and still will be my favourite garments (beside the good old jeans of course). Lately I've been thinking to add a different colour to my 'various' range of jackets...so my dear readers, what do you think about white? I know, it's a huge step to make, but then again, I saw some beautiful streetstyle examples passing by the last couple of weeks, so enough fashionable inspiration. Check out 22 year old Julia Sarr-Jamois, fashion editor of Wonderland Magazine with her white jacket! She's got a strong sense of style!
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