26 May 2010

The Perfect Double Denim

Personally I am not into wearing double denim, but it is an accepted trend at the moment. Accepted or not, I think that only a few people know how to get this right. David Beckham (yes, the football player) is actually very good in promoting this tricky trend, he often wears his PRPS jeans with a vintage Levi's denim jacket and he definitely is getting away with it! Although David is maybe not such a good example, he will get away with wearing a garbage bag I think.... But as my blog is all about beautiful and stylish fashion it was a challenge to find a really good looking double denim streetstyle photo. Well, I do think that photographer Fred from Easy Fashion managed to capture the perfect double denim look!

23 May 2010


Hajé & Rutger

Yesterday I was at the one-year anniversary of SoonSalon, Amsterdam, a small but interesting lifestyle store with a very special concept. Their main goal is to promote young international designers and to distribute their products worldwide. SoonSalon's portfolio is very varied from fashion to accessoires and interior.

A large part of the store is dedicated to Haruco~vert, a new and innovative Amsterdam-based fashion brand by Rutger Prommenschenckel & Hajé Koopman. Fashion designer Rutger graduated at Amsterdam Fashion Institute a few years ago and they showed several times at Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Haruco~vert's collection is always colourful & feminine in explicit designs with very special fabrics and patterns. Rutger's and Hajé's cooperation lead to unique designs with an extraordinary use of fabric.
Their atelier is located in the basement of the store, a perfect location for Rutger to create and receive his clients personally.

Their new Fall 2010 collection is called "Il se passe quelque chose", inspired by a myth about a meeting between a black seal and a golden crocodile, while exploring new territories. This has indeed lead to more black in the collection. Some of these fall items are already in store now.

A milestone was achieved by this anniversary, but no doubt there will be many more to come.

21 May 2010

Balenciaga Fall 2010

Remember the story about Carine Roitfeld who didn't attend the Balenciaga show in Paris back in March because the house had blacklisted French Vogue? They even don't advertise in the magazine or lend it samples anymore. The reason was that Carine called in a Balenciaga sample and then loaned it to MaxMara, a brand she consults for. MaxMara then made a similar coat before the Balenciaga coat was returned to them, which upset Balenciaga and resulted in the ban.
So, why does this story still keeps me busy? Well, I'll tell you. I am so happy with my Vogue Collections that I bought 2 days ago but it's not complete....Balenciaga is left out in this fabulous limited edition and that is a real shame! So hopefully Carine and Nicolas (Ghèsquiere) will dispute a settlement real soon!

19 May 2010

Page 326

Just to make you, readers, more curious and greedy!

Vogue Collections issue 10

Yes, today was my lucky day!!! There was only one copy in my bookstore (it's a limited edition) and yes, of course this copy was waiting there for me to buy it! What a beautiful 10th issue of the Vogue Collections Fall-Winter 2011! Lucky for me Carine Roitfeld makes this resource publicly available with inside 130 different designers, 2600 looks and 1100 accessories. Amazing! So hopefully you can pick up a copy as well because it's a collectors item for every fashionista!

16 May 2010

Every little detail!

Okay, here we see a girl of the Elle Japan team walking along with Giovanna Battaglia, fashion editor at L'Uomo Vogue. Pay special attention to her little notebook! It was quite funny for me to see that during this Paris Fashion Week (and of course this happens at all the other Fashion Weeks as well..) the Japonese fashion editors were asking EVERY little detail about the clothes & accessories the fashion people were wearing. It's a very serious matter to them because in Japan there are lots of magazines and books only dedicated to streetstyle. Photo taken outside V&R show at Tuileries Gardens, Paris.

15 May 2010


This is Sarah Nicole Prickett and I never heard of her before until I came across this beautiful photo of her. Now I know that she's a 24-year-old fashion writer from Toronto, Canada and that her dream is to have her own fashion magazine. At the moment she writes for FASHION magazine and Nico magazine. On her blog SNP she writes about art, culture, style, film and of course fashion. She likes stripes, old watches and really expensive red lipstick. I think we are going to see more of this girl..... Photo by Citizen Couture.

12 May 2010


Guess what everybody got in their goodiebag the night before the Chanel Cruise 2011 show took place? A beautiful set of pétanque (what's the English word for it?) Chanel balls! All the guests were invited for a ball game on the Places des Lices in St Tropez. And to speak with Garance Doré's words: it was the best dressed ball game at the universe!

Chanel Cruise 2011

Last night Chanel's Cruise 2011 show was held at sunset on the French riviera in St. Tropez, in front of café Sénéquier with endless rows of red director's chairs. The models arrived on motorboats from a yacht docked in the harbour and strolled barefoot in tunics, loose trousers and jumpsuits, evoking the holiday spirit of this legendary town. Lagerfeld loves St. Tropez "there's something magical about it" and he spends his time there much as he does in Paris, working, reading and sketching. The show reflected a '70s throwback party atmosphere and started of with Karl's new short film Remember Now. This 17-minute film features Abby Lee Kershaw and Freje Beha Erichsen and it really shows Karl's creativity! So don't miss it and watch it here!

9 May 2010

Cut Jeans

Photo by Garance Doré

About a year ago I wrote a post (in Dutch) about rolled up jeans thinking this trend wouldn't last that long. But hey, sometimes a trend stays around a bit longer and I must say I still like these rolled up legs myself. The reason I like to talk about this subject again is because there are some new streetstyle signs around how to wear the hems of a jeans this summer or let's say how you could wear your hems... And it's a very easy trend to follow, namely cutting of your jeans and wearing them just like that! I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to cut of the hems of one of my beloved jeans, knowing that it can never be fixed again. So, tell me, how about your bravery?

8 May 2010


Remember my post about beautiful Caroline Issa publisher and manager of Tank Magazine and Because Magazine? Well, you really should have a look at Because Magazine's website, which is an amazing new concept of promoting new fashion items. It's a so called digital fashion magazine offering a curated click to buy collection of the best fashion and accessories, beauty, jewellery and culture currently available or arriving soon in stores and online. The team of Because produces awesome short movies from just one fashion item....what a great idea, I love it! My favourite short movie is the one with the Lanvin black ankle-court shoe it makes you really want to buy it! As it says in their rules I'm not allowed to post this video but I do hope that a link to this video won't bring me into trouble...

5 May 2010

Army pants

Wow! I like Barbara Martelo's pants! These Balmain SS 2010 collection army pants definitely got that sharp skinny look which make them very new & hot! But there's another reason I've posted this beautiful photo from Citizen Couture. Friend D texted me from Italy a few days ago, telling me she had bought a pair of army pants over there (let me quickly explain, we always inform each other immediately after buying a new garment...) And guess what, they were skinny and tight! So she will be very happy if I tell her that she will look just as hot as Barbara Martelo now!


German-based brand Closed has quite a back story. They were founded in the late 1970's in Italy and credit themselves with being the creator of the pedal pusher. I wore one of those pedal pushers myself, years ago, it was one of my favourite black pants back then. But for no reason I didn't like those narrow tapered leggs anymore, so my Closed pants ended up in the back of my closet. But then Closed started to be featured in numerous editorials in lots of magazines like Vogue Paris, Grazia, Glamour UK, GQ & Marie Claire France and it looked certainly different from the time I was wearing this brand. And with different I mean more fashionable! Especially their jeans collection is wonderful! So, yes, you could say that I rediscovered this brand. This one is called LIV and will definitely look good in my closet again. Want to see more? Click here.

4 May 2010

Army with style

This girl knows how to wear her army coat! I like the way she mixed it up with a fur shawl and check out her rolled up sleeves... And of course, the Chanel bag is the best finishing touch ever!
Outside V&R show at Tuileries Gardens, Paris.

3 May 2010

New Layout

As you all can see, I've got a very new & fabulous layout on my blog! Well, I think it's fabulous... And because I'm so happy with it, I'm posting one of my favourite photos (again) from the V&R show outside the Tuileries Gardens, just because my photos look much and much nicer now. Enjoy!

2 May 2010

Breton Stripe

Karen Walker SS 2010

Emmanuelle Alt

A striped T-Shirt is a wardrobe essential! A good breton striped tee with 3/4 length sleeves will never go out of fashion. Apparently we have Coco Chanel to thank for this iconic style staple, she decided to design her own blue and white top after being inspired by the sailors she used to see. Ooh-la-la! The holy grail of the breton stripe tops is one from Petit Bateau, but I bought one from my own favourite brand Filippa K last week, yes! Think about it, you can look instantly stylish and it's handy for those 'bad wardrobe' days. So slip on a stripe!


I've watched the movie Karl Confidential last night, a movie about the legendary designer and succesful photographer himself. You get to see how Karl works and he even allowed a glance in his personal life. Mr. Lagerfeld is a very hard worker and he mainly lives (alone) in his Parisian apartment. It's wonderful to see how he draws (with markers by the way) those amazing designs in such an easy way. Did you know that he uses the correction fluid Tipp-ex on his drawings to indicate the material tulle? And I was surprised about the amount of books and magazines he had crammed into this apartment.... Photo from Todd Selby.

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