31 August 2010


I came across this beautiful fashion editorial with Dutch model Cato van Ee published in L'Officiel Paris August 2010. Cato looks really amazing! See for yourself and enjoy that '50s spirit!! Photos from Fashion Gone Rogue.

30 August 2010


Maybe for some of you this might not be the most fashionable news ever, but I did not want to keep it from you either...Garance Doré moved to New York! She left Paris for the Big Apple. I think the move was to be closer to her Manhattan-based fellow streetstyle photographer Scott Schuman. Last week she blogged that it was awesome over there, but that she will try to have her French breakfast (French café-tartines) as often as possible. Well, isn't that nice? ;-)

22 August 2010

13 August 2010

Once again...

This photo that I took outside the V&R show in Paris of the beautiful and seriously stylish Christine Centenara of Harper's Bazaar Australia deserves to be posted once again. All the more because I just found out that she's wearing a black, grey and white jacket by Australian designer Dion Lee (and not a dress as I mentioned in my earlier post). Her amazing wrap-around-the-foot sandals are from Givenchy! So, now let's hope she will appear for my camera again in a few weeks time...!

12 August 2010

Army fashion!

That's right, army fashion is back! Again, I would almost say...or even better, to me it seems as if it has never been away. Well, anyway, this fall there will be a clear Army & Military trend but this time it's far more stylish as former seasons. So the primary colour of course is Army green and the key piece should be a great coat or jacket! I really like this Army look (for a coat), provided that you wear it in the right combination. But then again, isn't that always the case, wear things in the right combination...?
Here are some beautiful 'Army inspiration' photos from Jak & Jil and All the pretty birds.

6 August 2010

Zara Fall 2010

I love the Zara Fall 2010 campaign! The advertisements feature German model Toni Garrn in beautiful knits and tailored jackets. Also, Zara is finally entering the world of E-commerce. If you go to the website now you can see a banner which says 'Shop Online' from September 2nd! I think that is very good news!

4 August 2010

Dutch Brands

Because I am always so focused on the international fashion scene I sometimes forget about my own little country... As you know I visited 'De Modefabriek' two weeks ago and there I saw many Dutch brands I had never heard of. Not that it surprised me, because fashion labels come and go and only a few are able to survive. Especially at this time, with the recession still in the back of our (fashion) minds. But, trendforecasters predict that next spring will be 'a real new spring' in Dutch fashion! Much better, but different. Well thought-out, sustainable, creative but above all very positive. Because that is where everybody is waiting for! Okay, so far the heavy talking. Let's talk about some wonderful and amazing Dutch fashion designers! Jan Taminiau, Iris van Herpen, Joline Jolink, Mattijs, Claes Iversen, Maison Portier and Spijkers en Spijkers to name a few. Our most succesful fashion designers are of course V&R, a true fashion duo with an extraordinary imagination and a strong believe in their own dream world. The latest Dutch fashion trade magazine Link features some very nice fashion shoots with above mentioned talented Dutch designers! Recommended!

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