28 March 2011

Inspiration | A touch of denim

It always looks so cool, a denim jacket underneath an other jacket or a coat, but practically it never works out for me. Tried it several times, but it's so uncomfortable... But still, I do like this relaxed way of wearing a denim jacket! Photo 2 by Stockholm Streetstyle.

21 March 2011

Inspiration | Studio Isabel Marant

A look inside fashion designer Isabel Marant's Paris studio photographed for Elle magazine! Photos by Backyard Bill.

16 March 2011

Light blue

Hey, did I miss something? What's up with those light blue baggy jeans? Well, it's definately a trend when Christine Centenera (photo 2) is wearing them! So I guess it's time to get my light blue Hug Vision from Acne out of the closet again....Photos from Stockholm Streetstyle.

14 March 2011

Inspiration | skinny jeans

Yes, I know, nothing more to tell about skinny jeans, but the thing is I just love them! It strikes me that I've got so many different jeans in my closet, but most of the time I'm wearing my skinny ones. Actually my favorite is an Acne black vintage jeans, bought it online, on sale and sometimes I browse their webshop hoping to find exactly the same pair....and you know what? I would buy them again!

5 March 2011

Streetstyle | Isabel

Wonderful photo of Miss Marant outside Couvent des Cordeliers, Paris after the Fall collection 2011 show. Photo taken by Stockholm Streetstyle.

Inspiration | Ba&sh

Last year in Paris I discovered the French label Ba&sh and I really liked their simple and chic collection. Although their designs resemble the Isabel Marant collection now and then, Ba&sh also has an own urban chic look. That flair jeans is beautiful...!

4 March 2011

Isabel Marant | Fall 2011

My favorite designer Isabel Marant always nails that kind of coolness! Love the fact that she has thrown in a few more jeans items in her newest Fall collection 2011. And smart, again a new version of her famous and fly-off-the-shelves cowboy boots from last year, this time in three lengths with lots of fringes. I like! Photos from Style.com.

1 March 2011

Le spectacle commence!

Today Paris Fashion Week is about to start, so let the show begin! Balenciaga, Balmain, Christian Dior, Isabel Marant, Lanvin, Stelle McCartney, Céline, Chloé, Chanel and of course our own V&R are just a few names who are showing their ready-to-wear Fall 2011-2012 collection. Unfortunately I will not be in Paris this week, so sadly no new streetstyle pics this time! But to get into the Fashion Week mood anyway, here a few from last year....
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