15 May 2011

Inspiration | Isabel Marant sneakers

After the incredible success of last winter and this spring's sneaker wedges (yes, there's a hidden wedge inside this really cool sneaker!) Marant chooses to extend its season again. Coming fall there will be a totally black version again and guess what? I put my name on the selling list already! Love these - as Garance Doré called them - 'push up' sneakers!


  1. Do you have them already? There's also a different (I would say more 'feminine version'). I'm on the waiting list for that version, can't wait to put them on

  2. Isabel Marant Shoes are truly amazing, I really love them! Stylish and also comfortable to wear. You may check out on http://www.isabelmarantsneakersmall.com/ to find more gorgeous shoes.


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