3 May 2011

Inspiration | Knotted shirt

I can't really remember when it was the last time I tied a knot in front of my shirt; nobody wants to look like a cowgirl anymore. Now we did see Eva Longoria wearing one in the series Desperate Housewives now and then, but in a way it didn't really become a trend. Today I came across this streetstyle pic and I don't know why but it striked me and I liked it...a knotted jeans shirt! So let's just get this trend started again!


  1. Ik heb vorig jaar nog regelmatig een knoop in mijn jeansblouse gelegd, domweg omdat hij te kort was om in de broek te blijven zitten en te lang voor erover heen...:-)

  2. Weet ik toch, je bent early adopter of je bent 't niet! ;)


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