7 December 2011

Italian Cycle

To tell the truth, it was my friend Desi who - years ago - drawed my attention to the Italian jeanslabel Cycle. She has been living in Italy for many years and and she happens to know the right fashion people over there. So I guess she was one of the first Dutch girls wearing Cycle jeans. Lucky her. The same can be said about Golden Goose, another Italian brand which is becoming quite popular over here at the moment, but again, my friend was wearing it years ago already.... How convenient to have a friend with a real good taste in fashion.

Photo from their SS 2012 collection via Denimology.


  1. I feel so honored, hearing this from you!!! My credits go to my Riccione friends; they breathe fashion!! Grazie bacione Ciao Desi

  2. ps zie je de schuine rits.....

  3. Jaja, gespot! Schuin is het nieuwe zwart volgend voorjaar...;)


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