31 May 2011

Inspiration | Acne Fall 2011

It's the brand's signature and I love it, that typical androgynous look of Acne. And Acne always fits me well (especially their jeans) and I feel good in it, so... For the fall 2011 collection designer Jonny Johansson was inspired by the women who work in his studio, because 'these girls make fashion out of nothing' he said of his team. 'My girls are glamourous but not rich - they are cool'! Unfortunately Acne's clothes are still quite expensive to buy, but I assume his studio girls will get some discount...

24 May 2011

Wouldn't it be nice | ELLE.nl Award

For the first time Dutch ELLE magazine is giving out an ELLE.nl Award. There will be prices in five categories and I know the competition is tough, but it will be a great honour for me to get at least a nomination for 'Fashion blog of the year'. For more than 2 years now I'm showing you my streetstyle photo's and my point of view on fashion. So, do you like my blog? Then please nominate me here. Photo taken outside the V&R show at Tuileries Gardens published in ELLE august 2010. Wouldn't it be nice...?

Dip Dye Denim | Van Noten

Amazing how Belgian designer Dries van Noten interpreted denim in a whole new way! For his SS 2011 collection he'd been looking at the work of Belgian painter Jef Verheyen and it was all about how to capture light. But with the denim items it was more about how to capture the color.... Van Noten dip dyed the jeans in an inspiring way and it looks surprisingly well!

22 May 2011

Zara | Laid back

New for me, but Zara has an additional collection on a monthly basis called the TRF collection. I tried to find out where this TRF stands for but it looks as if nobody cares as long as Zara comes with the hottest trends. Apparently this collection has already become very popular due to its cool items. And I must say, cool it is! It's more about laid-back outfits with the ripped jeans and simple tees. I like!

15 May 2011

Inspiration | Isabel Marant sneakers

After the incredible success of last winter and this spring's sneaker wedges (yes, there's a hidden wedge inside this really cool sneaker!) Marant chooses to extend its season again. Coming fall there will be a totally black version again and guess what? I put my name on the selling list already! Love these - as Garance Doré called them - 'push up' sneakers!

10 May 2011

Chanel | Cruise Collection 2012

At possibly one of the most expensive hotels in the world - the Hotel du Cap in Antibes on the French Riviera - Karl Lagerfeld showed his Chanel 2012 Cruise Collection yesterday. It was all about billion dollar babes. Karl flew in a cast of top models and he accessorized his looks with real jewels, diamonds and pearls. Too much may not be enough, Lagerfeld explained after the show!

7 May 2011

McQueen memento

To be honest, just since Alexander McQueen died I became really interested in his work and one thing's for sure, he was an amazing designer! So I was thinking lately, wouldn't it be nice to have just one memento..? I noticed this scarf in Paris over a year ago already, McQueen had just died and I remember the sales person told me it was a bestseller at that time...and to be honest since then the scarf is still in my mind. Ah well, just a few more months until my birthday...;) Photo by Fred from Easy Fashion.

3 May 2011

Inspiration | Knotted shirt

I can't really remember when it was the last time I tied a knot in front of my shirt; nobody wants to look like a cowgirl anymore. Now we did see Eva Longoria wearing one in the series Desperate Housewives now and then, but in a way it didn't really become a trend. Today I came across this streetstyle pic and I don't know why but it striked me and I liked it...a knotted jeans shirt! So let's just get this trend started again!

2 May 2011

Inspiration | Boyish pants

As I wrote for the Dutch fashion site In de Mode, it looks as if there will be a wide range of pants available this coming fall and most important, wearable for everyone. The new fall pants are all going to be oversized in a masculine way and I already like them.... And as usual we can start with spotting them on the street already! Photo by Fred from Easy Fashion.
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