24 April 2012

Graanmarkt 13 Antwerpen

Today I had a lovely day with my husband, in Antwerpen. Did some shopping, had a delicious Italian lunch at Renaissance and gained a lot of new fashion inspiration. Went to the very special store Graanmarkt 13 which is not only a store but more a residence with a restaurant, shop and gallery. In the shop you'll find an unconventional blend of fashion and design products selected by the lady of the house Ilse Cornelissens. With brands like Isabel Marant, Marni, Golden Goose and jeans from R13 their shop is a great mix of very nice labels indeed. On the shelf these Rio heels from Isabel Marant, didn't buy them (you know I'm more of a sneaker and biker boots girl...), but I must admit they were gorgeous in real life. Read my blog about the Rio heels on Loves to Have.

1 comment:

  1. Nice nice! Feel like shopping too!


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