12 November 2012

Skinny jeans

This outfit appears to be quite ordinary, but then again, exactly its simplicity appeals to me the most. I adore skinny jeans and wear them all the time, despite being challenged by one of my best friends to wear something else. No chance! Skinny jeans makes your legs look longer and your outfit younger, so why bother going for another look? Photo by Vanessa Jackman

6 November 2012

H&M Spring 2013

Let me show you a few pieces from the H&M's spring 2013 collection and as you can see, there are vibes from Balmain and Marant. I like the bomber jacket, the embellished sweater and this sweat biker jacket, but I have to be honest though. These H&M campaign pics look really great, they always do, but in nine cases out of ten the garments do not look that great. Unfortunately. Still, they're absolutely inspirational! 

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