29 December 2013

Basic beanie

The beanie is still one of the coolest thing you can wear this winter; it combines great with everything from casual outfits to more formal looks. Another major advantage is that you don't have to worry that much about your hair.
This season I found myself a really nice black mohair rib beanie from Filippa K to keep me warm!

Photo beanie by me.

14 December 2013

High fashion hero

If there's one piece of clothing worth investing in it's definitely the sweater. The humble sweatshirt has become a high fashion hero and it all began Fall 2011 when Givenchy set the trend with their Rottweiler print sweater. Not to mention the Kenzo Tiger sweater in Fall 2012 and this fall the sweater is still popping up in several collections. The best thing about wearing a sweater is that they're chic as they are comfortable. It's not just a trend, it's actually now a wardrobe staple.

Photos via Pinterest. 

11 December 2013

All black

Black is black and nothing can compare to it. Black is always on trend, classy and timeless. Black is sophisticated without trying too hard. And another great thing about black is that it doesn't matter what your personal style is. It's perfect in its simplicity. I love wearing all-black outfits and I practically live in my black jeans. And as long as the French Voguettes are still wearing their all black casual chic look I'm safe.

Photos via Pinterest. 

20 October 2013

Cosy turtleneck

If there's one Fall trend worth trying it's a cosy turtleneck sweater. A trend that is both practical and adorable and you can skip the scarf as your neck will be already warm enough. Make sure you chose a chunky version though.

Photos by Style.com 

1 October 2013

Shirts with Tee

A classic blouse is always a relevant basic for your wardrobe (and an item you can probably recycle from your own closet..). Although I spotted a different way to wear this ultimate classic, being combined with a white or vintage Tee. Innovative? Not really. Cool? Yes!

Photos by Tommy Ton, Stockholm Streetstyle and RDuJour.

25 September 2013

Undeniable Isabel

Still more than six weeks to go, but a part of the Isabel Marant for H&M lookbook leaked yesterday already. As was to be expected. The collection is undeniably Marant, with oversized outerwear, skinny pants, ankle boots with fringes, fishermans sweaters and (my favorite) thin tees. In selected H&M stores November 14. We have to be patient. Have a look at the rest of the looks here

Photo by H&M. 

24 September 2013

Arrivederci Milano

Before we head out of town and move on to the City of Lights for the last round of Spring 2014 shows, we are taking one last look at the streetstyle in Milan.

Photos by Tommy Ton, Stockholm Streetstyle and the Sartorialist. 

16 September 2013

Jeans parade

London Fashion Week is in full swing and the London streetstyle seems to be less about showing off designer labels and more about an individual style. And...jeans is still the fashion pack's favourite. That's reassuring. 

Photos by Tommy Ton. 

21 August 2013

Garance is going retail

Have you been waiting for the Garance Doré X Marc O'Polo items to come in? Great news...the collection of Tees and sweatshirts with Garance's lovely drawings is online available as we speak. You can buy them here.

14 August 2013

Fall 2013

It's that time of the year again...Fall 2013 trends are on their way! I do like to sit back and browse through the renowned fashion magazines. Did you buy your favorite copies yet? 

8 August 2013

Pietrasanta 2013

Pietrasanta is known as the 'little Athens' of the Versilia region because of its high concentration of artists. Walking through town you find marble workshops, art galleries, fashionable boutiques and jewelry shops. It's  absolutely one of my favorite Italian holiday destinations. Of course (as you can see on the second photo) I brought a visit (again) to the store and workshop of Marco Balderi, a local artist who designs and crafts exclusive hand-made jewelry. Love his work. 

22 July 2013


Apparently we can thank Katie Holmes for first championing the boyfriend jeans trend back in 2008 and yes, there's something elegant about looser jeans. This lady knows all about it...what a great way to wear a boyfriend jeans! Seems she's wearing the perfect blouse as well. Sigh.

Photo by Stockholmstreetstyle. 

10 July 2013

A first look

Yesterday H&M shared a picture with its Twitter followers showing Marant herself modelling a loose-fit printed dress and slouchy tasselled ankle boots, both from the forthcoming collection. 
The full collection, which will feature both clothing and accessories for men and women, is due to arrive in stores on November 14. Exciting! 

Photo via H&M. 

6 July 2013

Months later...

This is what happened today...my youngest son needed a pair of new sneakers, we went shopping and quite surprising I came back home with a pair as well. Naturally I'm aware that this Nike Air Max 1 with leopard print is not their latest design but somehow this version was still inside my head. As I regretted not buying them when first spotted in NY last February, I just could not resist them in Utrecht today. 

4 July 2013

Denim vest

A denim vest is a simple trend to embrace, so when summer rolls around, leave your jean jacket behind and opt for this wear-with-everything vest. 

Photo by Tommy Ton MFW.

30 June 2013

Denim dungarees

Just when you thought your dungarees days where over, this 90's trend makes its reappearance. They can be difficult to wear and in terms of styling it's important to make them look as modern as possible. To sport this trend as a grown-up opt for chic blouses, striped tees and crisp white shirts. Don't forget your heels! 
Shop your gently priced denim dungaree at Zara or get a more posh one from J Brand

Photos by Tommy Ton. 

24 June 2013

Blue in Milan

The worlds fashion community have come together in Milan for the spring/summer 2014 menswear shows and Tommy Ton is back in action on the Italian streets again. Most striking? Ladies wearing men's shirts. Certainly my cup of tea as well...

Photos by Tommy Ton.

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