14 February 2013

Melting pot

What I like about this NYFW streetstyle pic is how - unintentional - it stands for the city New York; her outfit really symbolizes the melting pot and the cultural capital of the world New York stands for. 

Photo by Tommy Ton.

12 February 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2013

The 3.1 Phillip Lim show is one of the hottest tickets at New York Fashion Week and that makes sence. Lim's collection always consists the-seen-and-be-seen pieces and he can give rough looks a sense of polish. For coming Fall he has chosen a motorcycle theme and with the Japanese term Sonomama (as the way it is) it's almost forseeable that this collection will be expected to be copied by fast fashion chains. Very fast.

11 February 2013

Victoria rules

After five years of hard work and excellent reviews about her shows by fashion journalist Suzy Menkes season after season, you would expect that the fashion world stopped talking about Mrs Beckham as 'the Spice Girl' and finally started to see her as a fashion designer. Because that's what she is. Again, she managed to put on a wonderful Fall 2013 collection at the NYFW last weekend with a clear V.B. signature and there are certain details about her clothes that I really like. A confident and at the same time womanly look. Nice! 

Photo by Harpers Bazaar. 

9 February 2013

Meanwhile in NY #2

Although poor Marc Jacobs was forced to postphone his showdate to next thursday because of the snow blizzard in New York yesterday, the rest of the fashion shows marched on. 
Above Tee is on my wishlist but apparently it's sold out everywhere already, even in NY. Bad luck, I will have to find me another special purchase next week... Photo Tommy Ton. 

8 February 2013

Meanwhile in NY

New York Fashion Week (showing all the Fall 2013 collections) has begun and it is the traditional starting point of the month-long style marathon followed by shows in London, Milan and Paris. So, I am looking forward to a lot of magnificent streetstyle pics from streetstyle photographers such as the Sartorialist and Tommy Ton.
In about ten days I will be in NY as well, unfortunately then it's all done with the fashion buzz, but that won't keep me from having a wonderful time, that's for sure! Photo by Tommy Ton.

PS Again, rolled up jeans...

6 February 2013

Nice present

Remember my blog about The Man Repeller about 2 months ago? Blogger Leandra Medine was wearing this really cool statement Tee from American Apparel during NFW and I talked about how I loved her controversial style. So, long story short...about 2 weeks ago I got this exactly same Tee in the post as a present from the Dutch Windows 8 marketing department. Although it's a nice gesture, I'm still not sure why they did this, but hey, you don't hear me complaining. Thank you Windows 8!

4 February 2013

Stripe a pose

Just when you thought your stripe Tee is a 'store for later' item you realise that trends do come in cycles. And, yes, stripes are one trend that are back on our fashion radar. Again. And let's face it, somehow there are always new ways to wear this beautiful classic and they look pretty much good on everyone. Photo via Pinterest.

3 February 2013


Being busy with other (important) things means less time for my blog posts and I apologize for that. Okay, and there's something else...I'm hooked on Pinterest the last couple of weeks; once you start pinning images you can't stop. Anyway, check out my Pinterest account and get inspired by my special boards. 

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