29 December 2013

Basic beanie

The beanie is still one of the coolest thing you can wear this winter; it combines great with everything from casual outfits to more formal looks. Another major advantage is that you don't have to worry that much about your hair.
This season I found myself a really nice black mohair rib beanie from Filippa K to keep me warm!

Photo beanie by me.

14 December 2013

High fashion hero

If there's one piece of clothing worth investing in it's definitely the sweater. The humble sweatshirt has become a high fashion hero and it all began Fall 2011 when Givenchy set the trend with their Rottweiler print sweater. Not to mention the Kenzo Tiger sweater in Fall 2012 and this fall the sweater is still popping up in several collections. The best thing about wearing a sweater is that they're chic as they are comfortable. It's not just a trend, it's actually now a wardrobe staple.

Photos via Pinterest. 

11 December 2013

All black

Black is black and nothing can compare to it. Black is always on trend, classy and timeless. Black is sophisticated without trying too hard. And another great thing about black is that it doesn't matter what your personal style is. It's perfect in its simplicity. I love wearing all-black outfits and I practically live in my black jeans. And as long as the French Voguettes are still wearing their all black casual chic look I'm safe.

Photos via Pinterest. 
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