29 April 2014

Denim dungaree

Either you love it or you don't. However the denim dungaree is back and in the top 10 of the most trendy items of this spring-summer season. As I went to Antwerp on a day trip last week I saw a number of these one-pieces passing me by. Really striking. Anyway, I think it's a great additional piece for your summer wardrobe so embrace your inner child. ;-)  Oh and my personal favorite is the Lee Bib Logger.

Lee Bib Logger

Photos by Garance Dore and Lee Jeans. 

25 April 2014

French tomboy

It seems Isabel Marant brought a new approach to her here-we-go-again-bohemian look. About time. The fall 2014 collection was given a somewhat mannish makeover with oversized trousers and striped shirts. I like the new tomboyish appeal, what about you? 

PS Want to read more about the Stan Smith lookalikes? Click here.

Photos by Isabel Marant. 

14 April 2014

Denim after Dark

Forget about casual denim, Leandra Medine shares her tips for dressing up denim after dark. This is funny!

Video by style.com 

13 April 2014


Another trend on the radar this spring...mules. I'm not really convinced yet. They are not too flattering on the legs and they seem to visually cut the feet. But hey, apparently this season the designers have updated the mule heel into something that's more modern, sleeker and basically way cooler than the frompy clog pairs back in the 90's. Think vampy. Will you slip into a pair of youthful mules this season?

Photo by Stockholm Streetstyle and Pinterest.

5 April 2014


Dressing like a tourist is the new ultimate fashion statement. Heard about normcore yet? Because this new word suddenly appeared into the fashion lexicon. Normcore recalls the early 90's. Instead of looking cool in the latest fashion trends you're now rocking high-waisted non-brand denim, pull over fleeces, white socks or white sneakers, plain cotton tees (remember Fruit of de Loom?) or roll-neck sweaters. Basically, anything that will allow you to stand out by looking anonymous. Beverly Hills 90210 clothes. Normal is the new cool. Is it really? Or is it all just a giant in-joke?

Photo via Pinterest. 
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